Ultra-High Efficiency Packaged Systems 2 – 5 Ton

Ultra-High Efficiency Packaged Systems 2 – 5 Ton

Are you looking for a light commercial packaged system that can help your business cut back on heating and cooling costs? At Mammoth Light Commercial, we offer two systems that can help you reduce utility expenses and get ahead of the game – the R6GI and the R8HE. Find out which features included in these gas/electric packaged systems set them apart from the pack.

Ultra-Efficient Cooling:

R6GI, 20-SEER, 81% AFUE Gas/Electric Packaged System, 2 – 5 Ton

Slash cooling expenses with this ultra-high efficiency gas/electric pack. These single-phase units feature multi-stage cooling and two-stage heating for reduced operating costs.

  • iQ Drive® Technology. An inverter-driven, Samsung rotary compressor provides five capacities of modulating operation for maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Interface Control Board. Control board provides system operation status and diagnostic troubleshooting information, making targeting issues with the unit simple.
  • Anteater Copper Tube/Aluminum Fin Indoor Coils: The coils in this system are designed to optimize heat transfer and increase durability.
  • R-410A Refrigerant. Utilizes the most environmentally-friendly refrigerant choice in the heating and cooling industry.

Ultra-Efficient Heating:

R8HE, 14-SEER, 95% AFUE Gas/Electric Packaged System, 2 – 5 Ton

Don’t bust your heating budget with our ultra-high heating efficiency gas/electric packaged system. This unit is available in both a single and three-phase configuration.

  • Unit Pipes Condensate below the Frost Line. This model pipes refrigerant below the frost line to avoid concerns that the condensate will freeze.
  • SmartLite® Control Board. This technology learns the start-up characteristics of your unit and adjusts firing percentage accordingly for increased igniter life.
  • Micro-Channel Coils. Includes indoor and outdoor, all-aluminum coils for optimal heat transfer, minimum size and cost, and increased durability.
  • R-410A Refrigerant. Contains eco-friendly, R-410A refrigerant – the new refrigerant standard in the heating and cooling industry.