About Us

About Us


For over 80 years, the Mammoth brand has been creating a comfortable indoor climate for both industrial and commercial customers around the world. Mammoth manufactures custom commercial products that include factory-packaged rooftop systems, pre-fabricated mechanical equipment rooms and direct replacement rooftop units. All of these different products strive to improve air quality and reduce operating costs.

Mammoth Light Commercial is a player in the light commercial installation and replacement markets and is a part of the Nortek Global HVAC commercial heating and cooling line.

Both Mammoth and Nortek Global HVAC are subsidiaries of Nortek. Nortek Global HVAC has been designing and manufacturing heating and cooling products for over 90 years. The company has a rich history of creating products that are a genuine value for end users in the residential HVAC and manufactured housing HVAC markets. The Mammoth Light Commercial line of products is no exception and continues this history of quality and value.

Instead of random unit testing, Mammoth Light Commercial uses a process known as Demand Flow Technology (DFT) to check units 100% at every point during the manufacturing process. At each point in the manufacturing process the unit is checked and rechecked to make sure that the last stage in production and the current stage were executed properly. This significantly limits the number of production errors. We were DFT certified back in 1998 – making us the first HVAC manufacturer to do so.

Mammoth Light Commercial products are manufactured in Dyersburg, Tennessee.